Pushing Through

How are you? I hope this journal entry finds you well. So much has happened since last week! The video above is from my first free meditation at Menil Park. If you haven’t already checked it out, read last week’s journal entry about my experience.This week has been super productive and I am proud of myself for pushing through the fear and sharing my passion with the world. I have been busy carving out and prioritizing tasks to better manage my business, The Magnitude of Light, and prepare for my departure:

  • Secured local advertisement for the meditations with Natural Awakenings magazine (see March issue for ad copy and article).
  • Clothing purge! To keep things as simple as possible, I will be traveling with carry-on luggage only – no checked bags. IMG_1923The challenge is that my maximum total weight for carry-on + personal item is 20lbs. IN-SANE!
  • Opened business account (I did this all ONLINE)! Having a separate account for my business helps to ensure my expenses are kept separate and makes it easier to adhere to budgets. Stay tuned for a money matters entry…
  • Purchased cool luggage


  • Purchased new mallets for my crystal singing bowls and other supplies for the meditations.
  • Started working on the online shop, it should be published by March (subscribe to the mailing list and you’ll get an email when the shop opens).

I’m certain I’ve left something off the list, but you get the idea. BUSY.

Plus, this week I will be offering my first moon meditation at Yoga House Houston; as the first meditation approaches I am filled with more nervousness and excitement each day! I would be thrilled to have people join me for my first meditation under the guidance of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon – what a special event!

Although the weather was gross this weekend, I made my way to Menil Park for my second free meditation. Saturdays normally draw a great amount of foot traffic and prove to be beneficial for my meditative practice. I had the pleasure of meeting a sweet guy named Casey who was visiting from Oregon. He was kind enough to capture this picture for me:


For those of you in Houston, look forward to more free classes at the park.What is new in your life?Have you started a new project or relationship?Set any goals?I’ve been flushing out lots of ideas and plans. In addition to growing The Magnitude of Light, I would like to create a non-profit organization to facilitate community organization and educational projects locally and abroad. If you are available to assist me, please send an email, I could use your help. The goal is to create a program customized to each country I travel to which connects to the local community in Houston, Texas and possibly other cities in the United States. To do this, I have to create relationships with organizations and people who are on a mission to better the world. My first stop is Bali, Indonesia; local families need our help to educate their children. Let’s work together to make positive changes! Visit the support page to send me an email and contribute to The Magnitude of Light.
As we move into a New Moon/Solar Eclipse, this is a great time to engage in new relationships and experiences. Please subscribe and engage with me via the communicate page. This is what The Magnitude of Light is all about – meeting new people and learning from each other!

If you’re in Houston, hopefully I’ll see you February 15th!ENROLL NOW

See the sidebar for upcoming meditations and follow me on Instagram.

Take care of you.

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