Singing Bowl Sunday


   It’s 4am in Houston and I’m still awake, clearing my mind. For me, channeling my thoughts is integral to my meditation – I have to organize my headspace. With the Moon in Virgo, I have honed in on my personal health, and focused on creating a more consistent routine for myself. Lately I have been feeling that my throat chakra (chakra 5, color blue/green) is compromised. Then, after further reading, I understood there is a correlation between this energetic imbalance and my back pain. Right in the middle of my back is an aching knot that radiates with every breath. My respiratory system is weak and I am feeling every bit of it throughout my body. Starting my day with singing bowl meditation in the park alleviated some physical and emotional discomforts. Today provided me the positive reinforcement I needed! I visited the Menil and offered a free meditation on the lawn. The love I welcomed from people I’ve never met was much more than I could have anticipated, and I certainly needed it. I met Susan, Richard, Lacey, Mason and three others whose names I cannot recall at the moment, plus a dog and a chorus of birds.

What did I learn? An open heart leads to an open mind.

By allowing myself to be vulnerable and placed in the center of the unknown, I connected with seven individuals who were drawn into my sphere. They so kindly greeted me and put their fears and insecurities aside to learn more about me and the vibrating sound of crystal resonating around them.

   I plan to offer more free meditations around the city in addition to the meditations at Yoga House Houston. Follow The Magnitude of Light on Instagram and Twitter for real time updates. Another goal is to obtain my yoga certification so I can further my personal practice and continue to build the The Magnitude of Light community. I have been researching yoga teacher training in India; maybe I will travel there after my time in Bali. I’ve always wanted to travel to India and get lost there…If you have any insight please share!

 By the way, how was your SUPERMOON?! Did you charge any crystals? Do you have a favorite gem right now? My favorite gem of the moment is quartz, I’ve been carrying it in my pocket for about four days. After a week or so, it should be tuned to my energy and its healing properties will be strengthened. What do you think of a weekly moon post? Take a moment to communicate with me and give me some feedback; I would like to stay connected with you.

To keep things exciting, I promised to share a video in exchange for reaching 40 Instagram followers. While I was editing the video, I liked the idea of including the awkward parts, rather than trimming them away. Thank you for being here with me and The Magnitude of Light to witness this process.

Take care of you.


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