Meditation for the PEOPLE

Welcome, and thank you for being here. It feels like just yesterday that I decided to embark on this incredible journey.


I am so grateful to announce you can now enroll for your meditations!


Everything you need is available on this website:

  • Simply follow the link “Meditations”. The meditations are offered as new moon, full moon, or first/third quarter moon meditations.
  • Explore each page for more information and scroll to the bottom to enroll.
  • Make your way to the “Communicate” link so we can connect.
  • Share The Magnitude of Light!

All meditations will be held at:

YogaHouse Houston

4001 Almeda Road

Houston, Texas 77004

All inquiries should be directed to The Magnitude of Light. Use the “Communicate” link and you’ll get a response via email.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to guiding your meditation.

Take care of you.


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