Clearing Out


This week has been so positive and fruitful. I am thankful to the people who supported my material cleanse this weekend. There remains a large collection of books and other possessions, but overall the “Bali Blowout” was a huge success.

How does one narrow down their life to a bag or two?

When is there enough comfort in having yourself?

It was so beautiful to connect with old and new friends while they rummaged through my belongings. Watching a friend leave my home with my favorite necklace or that book I hunted down on eBay was so surreal…the physicality of leaving is so heavy.

I’ve moved away from Houston before; I have traveled across oceans as an adult and during my adolescence, and yet, nothing quite compares to this moment in time. I’m really moving to Bali…I am really doing this.

In a society where we are taught to go to school, go to school again, work, have a baby, work and go to school, when do we have time for ourselves?

When is the last time you created new memories with strangers?

When is the last time you went on a vacation and really allowed yourself to vacate?

Would your younger self be satisfied with the life you have chosen? With the being you have become?

Throughout the month of January I will be preparing for the meditations I will be guiding with The Magnitude of Light. I’m new to this digital world and would greatly appreciate your following on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. As The Magnitude of Light continues to grow, you will have access to original literature and content to support your meditative journey. Meditation is so much more than serenity – it’s discipline. I hope you join me in offering this gift to the world. Remember to practice positivity and self-love.

Take care of you.

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